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Film title: Killing Time
Language: English
Plot: After the mobster who murdered his partner is acquitted, semicorrupt detective Robert Bryant hires a beautiful female assassin, Maria, to kill him. When he discovers that he cannot afford Maria's services, Bryant is forced to hire another assassin, Madison, to kill her. Maria survives the doublecross and sets out to collect what's owed to her, one way or another.

Killing Time  Series
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Killing Time Cast & Crew

Craig Fairbrass
as Det. Robert Bryant
Nigel Leach
as Jacob Reilly
Kendra Torgan
as Maria
Peter Harding
as Madison
Ian McLaughlin
as George
Stephen Thirkeld
as Charlie
Rick Warden
as Smithy
Phil Dixon
as Frank
Keith Astrop
as Tony's Hood #2
Keith Baxter
as Reilly Bodyguard #3
Steven Byron
as Reilly Guard #2
David Cosgrove
as Jonah
Bill Gerard
as Reilly Bodyguard #2
Gordon Griffin
as Mr. Blake