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Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Wiki Biography: Canadian born actor Kim Coates has the distinction of successfully entering the film and television industry here in Canada, and also crossing the border and expanding his ever growing repertoire into noted feature films which have been given international acclaim and great critical reviews. With over 40 films to his credit, including The Island directed by Michael Bay, Hostage with Bruce Willis the remake of Assault on Precinct 13, opposite Ethan Hawke, Open Range starring and directed by Kevin Costner with Robert Duvall and Annette Benning Hollywood North with Matthew Modine and Alan Bates, Academy Award winners Black Hawk Down directed by Ridley Scott, and Pearl Harbour directed by Michael Bay, this actor has managed to transcend the barriers between stage, television and film. His talents have been utilized on Broadway in his portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire; and in the title role in Macbeth at the legendary Stratford Theatre. He has roles in more than 20 made for television movies such as the NBC mini series Hercules ,Friend of the Family, Disney's Scream Team with Eric Idle, Thoughtcrimes with Joe Flannigan. and the award winning series Fallen Angels with Bill Pullman. These dramatic turns on television have garnered him Gemini nominations for Best Actor in a Featured Supporting Role for Dead Silence and Best Performance in a Guest Role Dramatic Series for The Outer Limits . Kim Coates has continually proven himself to be a leading force in the world of acting and his versatile volume of work speaks for itself. His strong acting ethic means that he is an actor who cannot be stereotyped and this has brought him critical acclaim. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Diana and their children, Kyla and Brenna.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Client 1994 Thriller
A Friend of the Family David Snow 2005 Mystery
Sons of Anarchy Alex 'Tig' Trager 2011 Crime
Unforgettable Eddie Dutton 2014 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Auggie Rose Auggie Rose 0000
The Sacrifice 1986
Blind Fear Ed 1989 Thriller
La famiglia Buonanotte Uncle Bruno 1989 Comedy
Smokescreen Tony Dicarlo 1990 Crime
The Amityville Curse Frank 1990 Horror
Cold Front Mantha 1990 Crime
The Last Boy Scout 1991 0, Game Show, 0
Innocent Blood 1992 0, Reality Tv, Game Show
Under Cover of Darkness Ray Murdoch 1992 Drama, Mystery
The Club Mr. Carver 1994 Horror
Harmony Cats Graham Braithwaite 1994 Comedy
The Client 1994 Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Carpool 1996 0
Unforgettable Eddie Dutton 1996 Sci Fi, Thriller, Mystery
Breach of Trust Palmer Davis 1996 Action, Drama, Thriller
Red Blooded American Girl Dennis 1997 Horror, Thriller
Lethal Tender Montessi 1997 Action, Thriller
Airborne Bob Murdoch 1998 Action
Battlefield Earth Carlo 2000 0, Sport
Black Hawk Down Wex 2001 Romance, 0
Xchange 2001
Full Disclosure 2001 Thriller
The Scream Team 2002 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Thoughtcrimes Lars Etsen 2003
The Poet General Koenig 2003
Open Range Butler 2003 Action, Romance
Hollywood North 2004 Comedy
Unstoppable Peterson 2004 Action, Adventure, Drama
Bandido Beno 2004 Adventure, Action, Thriller
Hostage The Watchman 2005 Game Show, 0, Comedy
Caught in the Headlights Harry Eden 2005 Action, Thriller
Assault on Precinct 13 Officer Rosen 2005 Action, Drama, Crime
King of Sorrow 2006
Skinwalkers Zo 2006 0, 0
Silent Hill Officer Thomas Gucci 2006 Reality Tv
Grilled Tony 2006 0, 0, 0
Late Fragment Hank 2007
Skin Walkers Zo 2007 Action, Fantasy, Horror
Hero Wanted Skinner McGraw 2008 Action, Crime, Drama
45 R.P.M. Constable Able Taft 2008 Drama
Blood: A Butcher's Tale Andris 2010 Horror
Sinners and Saints Detective Dave Besson 2010 Action, Crime, Thriller
Resident Evil: Afterlife Bennett 2010 Action, Adventure, Horror
Goon Ronnie Hortense 2012 0, Game Show, 0
Rufus Aaron Van Dusen 2012 Drama
Ferocious Sal 2013 Thriller
A Dark Truth Bruce Swinton 2013 Action, Thriller
Cody the Robosapien Porter 2013 Adventure, Drama
The Land Uncle Steve 2016 Drama
Goon: Last of the Enforcers Ronnie Hortense 2017