Kim Milford Biography

Birthday: 1951-02-07
Place of Birth: Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Wiki Biography: Richard Kim Milford was an actor-singer-songwriter-composer-dancer who first appeared in SummerStock Theatre in Chicago at age 10; at age 13 he was in the original staging of Hair (he played Woof and Claude). In 1976 he was awarded the Faith and Freedom Award by the Religious Heritage of America for his portrayal of the Prodigal Son in ABC Directories series "Round Trip". He later performed in the first concert tour of Jesus Christ Superstar playing Jesus and Judas, and in the first production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Rocky (Roxy Cast in LA, and in NYC on Broadway). He was also in the plays Henry Sweet Henry, 1776, Your Own Thing, Rockabye Hamlet, More Than You Deserve, and Sunset. Later Kim was the lead singer for the Jeff Beck Group (Aug-Sept '72) and then worked on television (TV movies: Song of the Succubus [with Brooke Adams] and Rock-A-Die-Baby (aka Night of the Full Moon), both in 1975 on ABC's Wild World of Entertainment, and on Mannix (Portrait in Blues). Kim was also in the feature films Laserblast, Bloodbrothers, Corvette Summer, Escape, Nightmare at Noon, and Wired to Kill. Kim had one album titled "Chain Your Lovers to the Bedposts" and 2 singles, "Muddy River Water" (Decca) and "Help is on the Way, Rozea." He is also on the Sunset soundtrack, Roxy Cast album of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and has a song "Justice" on the 'Ciao! Manhattan' (Edie Sedgewick) movie; in addition, he's on some bootlegs of the Aug-Sept '72 Jeff Beck concerts. He also did one or possibly two albums with his group Moon; they were the band in the two TV movies above. Richard Kim Milford died in Chicago on June 16, 1988 of heart failure, after having undergone heart surgery several weeks earlier. He was only 37 years old.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Laserblast 1978 Game Show, Reality Tv, 0
Corvette Summer 1978 0
Wired to Kill Rooster 1986 Action