Watch King Lear Online

Watch King Lear Online
Film title: King Lear
Rotten Tomatoes: 47%
Language: English
Plot: In this 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production of the bard's enduring tragedy, Ian McKellen (in an Emmy-nominated role) stars as the world-weary title character, a doting father who abdicates the throne and divides his empire among his three daughters (Frances Barber, Monica Dolan and Romola Garai). But the stage is set for betrayal when the sovereign announces that the daughter who loves him most will receive the largest share.

King Lear Cast & Crew

Laurence Olivier
as King Lear
Jeremy Kemp
as Cornwall
Robert Lang
as Albany
Robert Lindsay
as Edmund
Leo McKern
as Gloucester
Dorothy Tutin
as Goneril
John Hurt
as The Fool
Diana Rigg
as Regan
Brian Cox
as Burgundy
John Cording
as Lear's Knight