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Film title: Koirankynnen leikkaaja
Language: Finnish
Plot: Bright young soldier Mertsi suffers a permanent brain injury in the Second World War. In the late 1940s he wanders around the Finnish countryside looking for simple work and relying on other people's help. A workmate, Ville, tells him about his clever Spitz dog back home and the problems with her overlong dew claws. Together with his helpful war buddy Eetvi, Mertsi joins a lumber camp in the middle of a freezing winter, tries hard but finds the work there too strenuous for his body and mind. While he still sees nightmares about the war, in the daytime he keeps dreaming and worrying about the dog...

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Koirankynnen leikkaaja Cast & Crew

Peter Franzén
as Mertsi Arhippa Vepsäläinen
Taisto Reimaluoto
as Eetvi Manninen
Ahti Kuoppala
as Ville Kuosmanen
Ville Virtanen
as Foreman Luti
Risto Salmi
as Horseman Turpeinen
Timo Lavikainen
as Leinonen
Leo Lastumäki
as Old Man
Simo Tamminen
as Doctor
Vieno Saaristo
as Taimi Kuosmanen
Hannu Virolainen
as Station-Master
Riitta Piironen
as Teacher
Aimo Räsänen
as Driver
Sami Haapala
as Log Driver
Reino Janhunen
as Worker