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Film title: Kontrast
Language: English
Plot: A casual ride on the LA subway turns into a journey down memory lane for Jeremy, African American hip hop head as he reflects on the struggles of his life. One night, Jeremy and his friends get into a brawl outside a Hollywood night club where he drops his cell phone. Starlett, a punk rock chick from the group that confronted Jeremy and his friends, finds Jeremy's cell phone and agrees to give it back to him. After an awkward first meeting, the two create an unlikely friendship that changes both of their lives. The pair, from vastly different worlds, come together to form a bond through pain of disappointment and disillusionment, but also a dream for a better life of hope, choice and change.

Kontrast Series
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Kontrast Cast & Crew

Ray Stoney
as Jeremy Stratton
Aria Noelle Curzon
as Elizabeth
Evalee Gertz
as Starlett White
Seli Marset
as Cindy
Saxon Trainor
as Kathy White
D'Kia Anderson
as Vip club girl
Anne Apra
as Prostitute #3
Adriana Barrera
as Hip Hop Girl
Helen Brown
as Club goer
Christine Chiem
as Club goer
Erica Curtis
as Junkie
Jayce Dempsey
as Dennis
Cole Downing
as Tom Cruise