Kurt Ravn Biography

Birthday: 1947-12-29
Place of Birth: Denmark
Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Wiki Biography: He and his wife Anette were enjoying their Christmas holidays in Phuket, Thailand, when the Tsunami struck. He was whirled about in the water, thrown against a building and into a garage, which filled with water, but just as he was about to drown, the garage fell apart, and he was whirled out. He got away with bruises and a broken arm. His wife Anette, who had managed to run farther away from the ocean, got away with a broken foot.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Tro, håb og kærlighed Kurt 1986 Comedy, Drama, Music
Ved vejen Wilhelm Huus 1988 Drama, Romance
Snøvsen Lektor Blomme 1992 Family
Hjælp - min datter vil giftes Bjarne 1993 Comedy
Bryllupsfotografen Daniel Svare 1994 Drama, Romance
Snøvsen ta'r springet H.C. Blomme 1994 Comedy, Fantasy
Nonnebørn Lægen / The Doctor 1997 Drama
Kongekabale John Erhardsen 2004 Thriller
Oh Happy Day Preben 2004 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Fluerne på væggen Arne Thorsen 2005 Thriller
Tempelriddernes skat Erik Isaksen 2006 Adventure, Family
Drømmen Lægen 2006 Drama, Family
Tempelriddernes skat II Erik Isaksen 2007 Adventure, Family
Cecilie Karsten Levinsen 2007 Horror, Thriller
En enkelt til Korsør Wilhelm 2008 Comedy, Romance
Julefrokosten Johannes 2009 Comedy
Olsen-banden på de bonede gulve Kjeld Jensen 2010 Animation, Comedy, Crime
Alle for én Arno 2011 Comedy, Crime
Alle for to Arno 2013 Comedy, Crime
Det grå guld John 2013 Action, Comedy, Drama
Olsen Banden på dybt vand Kjeld Jensen 2013 Animation, Comedy, Crime
Far til fire - Onkel Sofus vender tilbage Onkel Anders / Onkel Sofus 2014 Comedy
Far til fire's vilde ferie Onkel Anders 2015 Family