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Film title: L'âge des ténèbres
Language: French, English
Plot: Jean-Marc is a man without qualities living in times that are out of joint. His wife and children ignore him; he's a mid-level civil servant in Montreal doing his job without care. He has an active imagination of sexual conquest, but his only real feelings come when he visits his aged mother, whose health is failing. When his wife leaves abruptly to work in Toronto, Jean-Marc sets out to reorder things with his daughters, his social life, and at work. In a world that at best is a farce, does he stand a chance?

L'âge des ténèbres Series
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L'âge des ténèbres Cast & Crew

Diane Kruger
as Véronica Star
Rufus Wainwright
as Le jeune prince / Le prince chantant
Macha Grenon
as Béatrice de Savoie
Didier Lucien
as William Chérubin
Rosalie Julien
as Laurence Métivier
Jean-René Ouellet
as Policier / St-Bernard de Clairvaux
André Robitaille
as Gilles Sansregret
Hugo Giroux
as Thorvald
Christian Bégin
as Le motivateur par le rire
Pierre Curzi
as Pierre
Gilles Pelletier
as Raymond Leclerc