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Film title: L'attenzione
Language: Italian
Plot: This is a story of love and lust shaded with overtones of incest and lesbianism. Livia is a woman trying to regain the affections of her husband Alberto, whose journalism career takes him away for months at a time - on purpose. What she does not know is that he has an undeniable attraction for their daughter Monica. Livia's own sexual eccentricities lead her to hire young women to have sex with Alberto while she listens in hiding. When Monica wants to get into the act too, the real truth about her parentage is revealed.

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L'attenzione Cast & Crew

Ben Cross
as Alberto
Arnoldo Foà
as Direttore Giornale
Elena Pompei
as Maria
Anita Zagaria
as Graziella
Luciano Baglioni
as 2nd Giornalista
Piercorrado Dugoni
as Capitano C.C.
Fabio Ferrari
as Giovanni
Jorge Krimer
as Medico
Serena Sciarrini
as Federica
Diego Verdegiglio
as 1st Giornalista