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Film title: La balsa de piedra
Language: Spanish, Portuguese
Plot: An inexplicable crack in the Pyrenees Mountains provokes excitement and scientific curiosity. As the geological fracture deepens and widens, the European community begins to disassociate itself from the calamity, and panic ensues among tourists and residents attempting to escape. When Spain and Portugal physically separate from the continent, the detached Iberian peninsula aimlessly floats off to sea, becoming home to a group of god-like humans

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La balsa de piedra Cast & Crew

Federico Luppi
as Pedro
Gabino Diego
as Jose
Ana Padrão
as Joana
Diogo Infante
as Joaquim
Antonia San Juan
as Ministra Enriquez
Rebeca Tébar
as Chica Del Peaje
Simon Chandler
as Primer Ministro Ingles
Marques D'Arede
as Presidente de Portugal
Manuel Galiana
as Primer Ministro Español
Francisco Algora
as Capataz Espana
Raul Cano
as Ayudante De Pedro
Luís Castro
as Cientifico 3
Sixto Cid
as Entrevistador