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Film title: La fille coupée en deux
Language: French
Plot: Gabrielle is a young woman with a future: she's the weather girl on a local TV station destined to a rapid promotion. She's self-confident and self-possessed. In Lyon, on successive days, she meets two men of high status: Charles, a middle-aged writer, and Paul, the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune. Both are attracted to her and both have flaws immediately evident: Charles, who is married, can be dismissive; Paul can be possessive and threatening. To the dismay of one, Gabrielle chooses the other. How will each man handle her choice, and after she falls in love, can she sustain her personal strength?

La fille coupée en deux Series
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La fille coupée en deux Cast & Crew

Ludivine Sagnier
as Gabrielle Aurore Deneige
Mathilda May
as Capucine Jamet
Marie Bunel
as Marie Deneige
Valeria Cavalli
as Dona Saint-Denis
Etienne Chicot
as Denis Deneige
Edouard Baer
as Edouard, l'acteur interviewé
Jean-Marie Winling
as Gérard Briançon
Didier Bénureau
as Philippe Le Riou
Thomas Chabrol
as Maître Stéphane Lorbach
Charley Fouquet
as Eléonore Gaudens
Hubert Saint-Macary
as Bernard Violet