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Film title: La herencia Valdemar
Language: Spanish
Plot: Luisa Llorente, an expert on taxation of old buildings, had recently gone to the Victorian mansion Valdemar to conduct an inventory of property ownership. After she mysteriously disappeared, Maximilian, president of her company, engaged the services of a private detective to help find her. But soon they will discover that it is not the first disappearance at Valdemar mansion!

La herencia Valdemar Series
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La herencia Valdemar Cast & Crew

Daniele Liotti
as Lázaro Valdemar
Óscar Jaenada
as Nicolás Tremel
Laia Marull
as Leonor Valdemar
Silvia Abascal
as Luisa Llorente
Rodolfo Sancho
as Eduardo
Ana Risueño
as Dra. Cerviá
Norma Ruíz
as Ana
Santi Prego
as Santiago
Jesús Olmedo
as Chambelán
Francisco Maestre
as Aleister Crowley
José Torija
as Engendro
Vanesa Suárez
as Lizzie Borden
Laura Toledo
as Belle Gunness
Lino Braxe
as Bram Stoker