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Film title: La petite sirène
Language: French
Plot: A 40-year-old mechanic whistles at a passing teenager; she stops and upbraids him. In embarrassment, he claims he was whistling at her companion, her 14-year-old cousin, Isabelle. This changes Isabelle's outlook on life: her favorite story is Anderson's "Little Mermaid," and she thinks that in Georges she's found her prince. She follows him, engages him in conversation, and turns up at his flat. At first, he pushes her away and tells her she's nuts, but slowly he finds that she brings out of him a playful self, and he likes her devotion. The attraction builds, threatening Georges' adult relationships, including that with Nelly, his sweetheart. Where on earth can this affair lead?

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La petite sirène Cast & Crew

Laura Alexis
as Isabelle Pélissier
Evelyne Dress
as Nelly
Marianne Winquist
as Véronique
Diane Sorelle
as Claire
Nadège Clair
as Une soeur d'Isabelle
François Dyrek
as Un ami de Georges
André Penvern
as Un ami de Georges
Nicole Vassel
as Une amie de Georges
Manuela Gourary
as Une amie de Georges
Louis Navarre
as Le maître d'hôtel huppé
Pierre Frag
as Robert, le serveur
Maurice Travail
as L'homme entreprenant dans le métro