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Film title: Lapse of Memory
Language: English, French
Plot: After a terrible accident, a psychatrist has to help Bruce to regain his memory. In flashbacks we learn that his family had to flee from New York after his father uncovered a large case of corruption. Bruce didn't know this for most of his life, until he found a passport with a different name in it. After the first shock he tries to continue living like a normal teenager. Unknowingly his cute little girlfriend "Patrick" brings th

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Lapse of Memory Cast & Crew

John Hurt
as Conrad Farmer
Marthe Keller
as Linda Farmer
Mathew Mackay
as Bruce Farmer
Marion Peterson
as Dr. Lauren Brint
Serge Dupire
as Scott
Bob Watson Barr
as Sheldon
Terry Haig
as Frank Dalmadge
Gordon Masten
as Senior Publisher
Michael McGill
as Junior Publisher
Jude Beny
as Nurse
John Lambert
as Bus Driver