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Film title: Last Days of Simon
Language: English
Plot: After being dumped by his girlfriend, 23-year-old slacker extraordinaire Simon Keenan learns there is more to life than crashing high school parties, working at a video game store, and the narrow minded suburban town he lives in. Simon struggles to find a sense of direction in his life, especially when his mother is an overly zealous born-again, his best friend aspires to be the biggest pot head in the world, and Simon's pig of a boss is a 43-year-old virgin still living at home.

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Last Days of Simon Cast & Crew

Mark Ruggiero
as Simon Keenan
Danny Pennacchi
as Shmuel Klein
Lauren Klemp
as Kelly
Liz Walsh
as Linda Keenan
Mark Tracy
as Jim Keenan
Randy Memoli
as Will
Blake Merriman
as Joe Clarkson
Jess Beveridge
as Jocelyn
Tom Murphy
as Pastor Kilbourne
Adam Pucci
as A-Money
Michael Elliott
as Mill-E
Dennis Blackmen
as Lombardi