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Film title: Latino
Language: English
Plot: Set in the context of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and their battle with the U.S. backed Contra rebels. Eddie Guerrero (Robert Beltran) is a Vietnam vet sent to help U.S. Special Forces train Contra rebels. Eddie falls for a local girl, Marlena (Annette Cardona). However, when her father is killed by the Contras things change.

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Latino Cast & Crew

Robert Beltran
as Eddie Guerrero
Annette Charles
as Marlena
Américo González
as Malena's Father
Michael Goodwin
as Becket
Ricardo López
as Attila
Gavin MacFadyen
as Major Metcalf
Walter Marín
as Gilberto
Julio Medina
as Salazar
Juan Carlos Ortiz
as Marlena's son
Tony Plana
as Ruben