Laura Dern Biography

Birthday: 1967-02-10
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California USA
Height: 5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Wiki Biography: Laura Dern was born on February 10, 1967 into a moviemaking family - her father is Bruce Dern and her mother is Diane Ladd. Dern was exposed to movie sets and the movie industry from infancy, and obtained several bit parts as a child. Her parents divorced when Dern was two and Dern lost contact with her father for several years as a result. Her parents' background and her own early taste of the moviemaking world soon convinced the young Dern to pursue acting herself. Like so many young actors, her decision may have been influenced by social awkwardness -- the child of 60s counterculture parents, she was steeped in Eastern mysticism and political radicalism, and was seen as an oddball by her more conservative classmates. Her gawky physical appearance didn't help - even before her teens, she had achieved most of her impressive 5' 10" height, was rail-skinny (other than precociously wide hips), had huge feet and a slouching posture, and for all this was often teased by classmates. Perhaps the nine-year-old Dern found refuge by studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. The first success for the young Dern came in 1980, with a role in Adrian Lyne's Foxes (1980), a teen movie starring Jodie Foster. She followed this with several small parts, or parts in small movies, such as Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1982) and Teachers (1984), as a student who has an affair with a teacher. (Her mother objected to her active presence on movie sets at age thirteen, which required Dern to sue for emancipation so she could play her role in "The Fabulous Stains"). Her next roles, as the blind girl who befriends the deformed boy in Mask (1985), and as a teenaged girl whose sexual awakening collides with a mysterious older man in Smooth Talk (1985), gave her career an important boost. Dern appeared to have made it with a leading role in David Lynch's acclaimed Blue Velvet (1986), but it was four years before her next notable film, and this was the bizarre Wild at Heart (1990), also directed by Lynch. The following year, Dern starred in Rambling Rose (1991), which would become her signature performance, as a sexually-precocious, free-spirited young housemaid in the South in the 1930s. Dern earned an Oscar nomination for her performance, and so did her mother and co-star, Diane Ladd. Dern continues to win prominent roles on the big screen, often in smaller, highly-regarded human dramas such as October Sky (1999), I Am Sam (2001) and We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004), although she is perhaps most widely known for her repeat role as Ellie Sattler in the summer adventure movies Jurassic Park (1993) and Jurassic Park III (2001), or for her guest performance on "Ellen" (1994), as the woman to whom Ellen finally comes out as a lesbian. Dern's pre-teen gawkiness matured into lithe beauty, but this doesn't prevent Dern from fearlessly throwing herself into a wide variety of roles which are sometimes unflattering, an excellent example being her unflinchingly comic portrayal of an intensely annoying loser whose pregnancy becomes a social and political football in Citizen Ruth (1996). This results in Dern being one of the most interesting actors working in Hollywood today. Having previously dated such Hollywood talent as Treat Williams, Renny Harlin, Kyle MacLachlan, Jeff Goldblum and Billy Bob Thornton, Dern eventually married musician Ben Harper in 2005. Early in her career, Dern was roommate to Marianne Williamson, the spirituality guru. Dern attended two days of college at UCLA and one semester at USC.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Within These Walls 1975 Drama
M.A.S.K. 1985 Drama
The Siege at Ruby Ridge 1996 Drama
Recount Katherine Harris 2008 Drama
Enlightened Amy Jellicoe 2011 Comedy
Happy Endings Pam 2011 - 2012 Comedy
Teachers Diane 2018 - 2019
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains 1982 0, 0, Game Show
Mask 1985 Drama
Smooth Talk 1985 Drama, Romance, Thriller
Blue Velvet Sandy Williams 1986 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Haunted Summer Claire Clairmont 1989 Drama, Romance
Fat Man and Little Boy 1989 Drama, History
Wild at Heart Lula Fortune 1990 Crime, Romance, Thriller
Rambling Rose Rose 1991 Drama
Jurassic Park Dr. Ellie Sattler 1993 0, Sport
A Perfect World Sally Gerber 1993 Comedy, 0
Citizen Ruth Ruth Stoops 1996 Comedy, Drama
October Sky Miss Riley 1999 Drama, Family
Dr. T & the Women Peggy 2000
I Am Sam Randy Carpenter 2001
Jurassic Park III Dr. Ellie Sattler 2001 Sport, 0, Game Show
Novocaine Jean Noble 2001 Comedy, Game Show, 0
Daddy and Them Ruby Montgomery 2002 Comedy, Drama
Focus Gertrude 'Gert' Hart 2002 Drama, Romance
Searching for Debra Winger 2002 Documentary
We Don't Live Here Anymore Terry Linden 2004 0
Happy Endings Pam 2005 Comedy, Drama, Music
Lonely Hearts 2006 Comedy, Biography, 0, Game Show
Year of the Dog Bret 2007 0, Biography
Inland Empire Nikki Grace 2007 Mystery, Thriller
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio 2007 Drama
Tenderness Aunt Teresa 2009 0, Game Show
Little Fockers Prudence 2010 Comedy
When the Game Stands Tall Beverly Ladouceur 2014 Drama, Sport
The Master 2014
Strings Mary 2014 Drama
Wilson Pippi 2016 Comedy
Certain Women Laura Wells 2016 Drama