Law and Disorder

Law and Disorder Series
Genre: Comedy
Premiere: 1994 - 1994
Network: Itv
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Full Show Summary

The fourth Thames/ITV sitcom for Penelope Keith inside nine years - following Moving, Executive Stress and No Job For A Lady - Law And Disorder cast her as Law Courts barrister Phillippa Troy, a widowed and bewigged fighter for justice, employing a no-nonsense approach to case-winning that was not always itself above the law. But win she always did, out-manoeuvring her usual barrister opponent, the God-fearing Gerald Triggs, with an acid-tongued statement or a withering glare cast over her half-glasses. Troy was also wont to correct others' bad grammar; hers was faultless because, as well as being a barrister, she was the author of a series of Prickly Peter children's books. The worlds of justice and publishing had evidently done Phillippa Troy's bank balance proud, for she drove around the countryside in an open-top sports car.