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Film title: Laws of Gravity
Language: English
Plot: Jimmy and Jon are a couple of Brooklyn guys who somehow never found their way into workaday society; they never found their way into big-time crime, either. But that all changes when their old friend Frankie returns from Florida with some guns to sell. In the course of a few very short urban summer days, their lives spin permanently out of control

Laws of Gravity Series
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Laws of Gravity Cast & Crew

Peter Greene
as Jimmy
Edie Falco
as Denise
Adam Trese
as Jon
Arabella Field
as Celia
Paul Schulze
as Frankie
Saul Stein
as Sal
Tony Fernandez
as Tommy
James McCauley
as Kenny
Rick Groel
as Kevin
John Gallagher
as Bobby
David Troup
as Sullivan
Miguel Sierra
as Vasquez