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Film title: Le Marquis de la Croix
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: Zinga, a gypsy woman, is sentenced to death by guillotine for her crimes, claiming to be innocent. She's given a choice, to lose her head by the blade or to be given over to the wealthy, incarcerated Marquis de la Croix. Zynga chooses the Marquis. Now the Marquis has the girl's life in his hands and can do with her whatever he pleases. But what pleases him will make Zinga wish she had chosen the quick death of the guillotine.

Le Marquis de la Croix Series
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Le Marquis de la Croix Cast & Crew

Jac Avila
as Marquis De La Croix
Mila Joya
as Zynga, The Gipsy.
Amy Hesketh
as The Tourist
Eric Calancha
as The Guide