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Film title: Le cri du hibou
Language: French
Plot: Robert is an architect and artist, in Vichy after separating from his Parisian wife, Véronique, herself newly engaged. Robert finds it calms him to stand in the shadows of the home of Juliette and Patrick and watch her cook. She thinks he's a prowler and confronts him, then invites him in. Soon, she's dumped Patrick, decided she's in love with this stranger, and pursues him. Robert's diffident, Patrick is furious, and violence follows. The police are incompetent, Véronique sees an opportunity to play revenge games, and the impressionable Juliette is ensnared by thoughts of death. Can anyone exercise reason?

Le cri du hibou  Series
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Le cri du hibou Cast & Crew

Mathilda May
as Juliette
Jacques Penot
as Patrick
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
as Le commissaire / Police commisionneer
Virginie Thévenet
as Véronique
Patrice Kerbrat
as Marcello
Jean-Claude Lecas
as Jacques
Victor Garrivier
as Le médecin
Jacques Brunet
as Le père
Charles Millot
as Le directeur
Yvette Petit
as La voisine
Dominique Zardi
as Le voisin
Henri Attal
as Un flic
Albert Dray
as Un flic