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Film title: Le fils préféré
Language: French
Plot: Nicole Garcia's film shows a family through an adult man's figure, and his weekdays. The main character is one of the sons of an old and ill man who is in hospital nowadays. The father has 2 other sons too. Jean Paul visits his father all day. After he divorced his life is unexciting and troubled. He has a lot of dark suits, a good car, a big house but he has some debts, and his private life touch bottom. He has to call his brothers and ask them

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Le fils préféré Cast & Crew

Gérard Lanvin
as Jean-Paul Mantegna
Bernard Giraudeau
as Francis
Jean-Marc Barr
as Philippe
Roberto Herlitzka
as Raphaël, le père
Pierre Mondy
as Le dentiste usurier
Karin Viard
as Martine
Antoinette Moya
as Odetta
Marc Berman
as Bernard