Lee Garlington Biography

Birthday: 1953-07-20
Place of Birth: Teaneck, New Jersey USA

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Lee Garlington


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Arresting Behavior 1992 Comedy
Can of Worms 1999 Comedy
Untitled Brad Copeland Project 2006
Prayers For Bobby 2009 Drama
Tsuritama Nancy Stalk 2012 Animation
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Psycho II Myrna 1983 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cobra 1986 0, Comedy, Game Show
Psycho III Myrna 1986 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hell Comes to Frogtown 1987
Some Kind of Wonderful 1987 0
The Seventh Sign 1988 Game Show, 0, Reality Tv
Three Fugitives 1989 Action, Comedy
When You Remember Me 1990 Drama
Jack the Bear 1993 Drama
Reflections on a Crime Tina 1995 Drama, Thriller
The Babysitter Dolly Tucker 1995 Drama, Thriller
Driven Marian 1998 Drama
Can Of Worms 1999 Comedy, Family, Sci Fi
Forever Lulu Linda Davis 2001 Comedy, Romance
Layover Public Defender Boone 2001 Thriller
One Hour Photo 2002 Reality Tv, Game Show
The Hot Chick 2002 Comedy, Fantasy
Guarding Eddy Helen 2004 Drama, Sport
A Lot Like Love 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Partner(s) Dave's Mom 2005 Comedy
Mortuary 2006
Something New 2006 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Mrs. Harris 2006 Drama, Thriller
Just Add Water Penny 2008 Comedy, Romance
A Buddy Story Susan's Mom 2010
The Coverup Beverly Thacker 2011 Crime, Drama, Horror
The Extendables Paint 2014 Comedy
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Gummy 2014 0
Mockingbird Mom 2014 Horror, Thriller
Band of Robbers Lt. Polly 2016 Comedy, Game Show, 0