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Film title: Les Maîtres du Suspense
Language: French
Plot: Hubert Wolfe, a successful author who hasn't written anything for 10 years, is living a life of lies. He uses a ghostwriter named Dany-a prolific writer known for his genuineness of spirit as well as his antisocial behaviour-to write his novels. When Dany's life falls apart and he is no longer able to write, Hubert turns to another writer, Quentin, a soft-hearted man with a pure soul. The meeting of the three men turns each of their lives upside down. Their personal quests, swayed by the three women in their lives-one an anti-movie star, another a waitress with ties to the underworld, the third a hysterical wife-lead them into a series of unexpected situations and into a troubling world in a lost corner of the United States, far from their usual stomping grounds. In this strange land, each man begins to discover who he truly is and, ultimately, to rewrite his own life.

Les Maîtres du Suspense Series
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Les Maîtres du Suspense Cast & Crew

Anna Hopkins
as Alyssa
Antoine Bertrand
as Quentin Wilson
Jason Cavalier
as Cascadeur Bad Guy
Abdul Ayoola
as Asst photographe
Anne Casabonne
as Béatrice Cabana
Robin Aubert
as Dany Cabana
Evelyne de la Chenelière
as Animatrice culturelle
Guy Sprung
as Leslie
Angelo Cadet
as Reporter télé
Benoît Rousseau
as Réalisateur cinéma
Philippe Soucy
as Gars de la régie
Alexandre Cadieux
as Coordonnateur Cascades
Cindy Turmel
as Autre serveuse