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Film title: Lethal Tender
Language: English
Plot: All out action film as a team of terrorists/robbers seize a water purification plant and threaten to pollute a city's entire drinking supply. However, the attack is in fact a cover-up of an in-progress robbery. Kim Coates plays the over-the-top genius leader of the gang at the plant, while Busey is a double-crossing leader of the burg

Lethal Tender Series
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Lethal Tender Cast & Crew

Jeff Fahey
as Det. David Chase
Kim Coates
as Montessi
Carrie-Anne Moss
as Melissa Wilkins
Gary Busey
as Mr. Turner
Denis Akiyama
as Det. Peter 'Playdo' Ota
David Mucci
as Wally
David Fraser
as Ed 'Smarty-Pants' Williams
Martin Roach
as Sammy
Karyn Dwyer
as Sparky
Chris Pickle
as Banjo
Linda Barnett
as Lizzie
Chris Gillett
as Lt. Rogers
Bill Lake
as Lt. Wilson
Emily Merryn
as Sarah