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Film title: Lies & Alibis
Language: English
Plot: The crook Ray Elliot, whose former partner Jack is under a five million dollars contract, believes in statistics and runs a risk assessment and managing business, actually a front for a company that provides alibis to adulterous people that cheat their mates. He does not accept to give alibis for crimes and he has just hired the alluring Lola to be his assistant. When Wendell Hatch, the reckless son of his wealthy client Robert Hatch, accidentally kills his masochist date Heather in a kinky S&M game, Ray breaks his rules to protect his own name and hire some guys to clean the bedroom and vanish the body. Sooner Ray has many problems to resolve: the police is in his tail trying to find a clue about the disappearance of Heather; her jealous Mexican-American boyfriend wishes revenge against the murderer; Wendell is upset because Ray told his father about the crime; Robert is angry and hires the hit-man Mormon to kill Ray, but the killer spares him to chase Jack. When the jealous Mormon sees his wife Adelle flirting with Ray, he decides to kill him. Without any option, Ray joins his crook-friends to help him to resolve the situation.

Lies & Alibis Series
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Lies & Alibis Cast & Crew

Jerry O'Connell
as Businessman
Jon Polito
as Jimmy the Photographer
Steve Coogan
as Ray Elliot
Ken Kerman
as Vic
Aimee Garcia
as Operator #1
Yasmine Delawari
as Operator #2
Mary Pat Gleason
as Operator #3
Henry Rollins
as Putty
Sergio Bruna
as Waiter - Italian Restaurant
Selma Blair
as Adelle
Sam Elliott
as The Mormon
James Brolin
as Robert Hatch