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Film title: Life! Camera Action...
Language: Hindi, Panjabi, English
Plot: Life! Camera Action... is a moving story of an aspiring filmmaker in a quest to follow her dreams. Reina belongs to a family who prefer she rather become a doctor, engineer or an architect. Under the harsh label that the film industry takes advantage of young girls and destroys family value, Reina is faced with a hard decision: She must give up her dreams in order to keep her parents happy or go against their wishes and follow her own path.

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Life! Camera Action... Cast & Crew

Dipti Mehta
as Reina
Noor Naghmi
as Uncle - Sherdil
John Crann
as Professor Ed
Swati Kapila
as Simi
Chelsi Stahr
as Terri - Producer
Subodh Batra
as Reina's Father
Prabha Batra
as Reina's Mother
Lavrenti Lopes
as Simi's Friend
Bhavesh Patel
as Bhavesh - Patel DVD Store Owner
Krutika Desai
as Customer at the Restaurant
Pravin Kamble
as Customer at the Restaurant
Michael Lester
as Student