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Film title: Lifebreath
Language: English
Plot: Chrystie Devoe is sick, she has cystic fibrosis, and she also has a rare blood type. Her husband, schoolteacher Martin is looking for candidates with her blood type that can possibly help her, and among them is attractive Gale Pullman.

Lifebreath Series
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Lifebreath Cast & Crew

Luke Perry
as Martin Devoe
Francie Swift
as Chrystie Devoe
Gia Carides
as Gale Pullman
Jack Gilpin
as Dr. Stevens
Lisa Gay Hamilton
as Dr. Quinlan
David Margulies
as Abe Gross
Matt McGrath
as Todd Rusk
Hillary B. Smith
as Edie Weinreb
Karen Shallo
as Group Therapy Leader
Diane Kagan
as Gale's Mother
Maureen Shannon
as Kitty Hughes
Alison Hildreth
as Laura Burden
Bill McIntyre
as Jack MacLaughlin
Gerta Grunen
as Blood Bank Doctor