Lili Taylor Biography

Birthday: 1967-02-20
Place of Birth: Glencoe, Illinois USA
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
Wiki Biography: Lili Taylor is a well-known and successful American actress. She acts in film, TV and stage. She was born in Glencoe, Illinois. Lili graduated from New Trier High School in 1985. Then, she attended the Theatre School at DePaul University and the Piven Theatre Workshop. Lili first earned fame for acting in the 1988 movie, Mystic Pizza (1988), which co-starred Julia Roberts. Then, she acted in a number of successful movies, including Dogfight (1991) and Short Cuts (1993). But, she was more highly recognized for appearing in the 1996 film, I Shot Andy Warhol (1996), for which she was nominated for several awards. Lili's notable works for television include the TV series, "Six Feet Under" (2001), and in the television movies, "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" (2001) and Live from Baghdad (2002) (TV). In 2009, she played "Sheriff Lillian Holley" in the movie, Public Enemies (2009). The movie co-starred Johnny Depp, with whom Lili also appeared in the 1993 movie, Arizona Dream (1993). Lili is also a successful stage actress. She has appeared in a number of plays staged on Broadway, including "The Three Sisters" (1997). Lili Taylor continues to act in stage, TV and film. She is married to Nick Flynn and they have a daughter.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Kendra on Top Raven 2012 Reality Tv
Hemlock Grove Lynda Rumancek 2013
Almost Human Maldonado 2013 - 2014 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
A Slipping-Down Life 0000
Mystic Pizza 1988 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Say Anything Corey Flood 1989 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Dogfight Rose 1991 Romance, 0
Bright Angel Lucy 1991 Drama, Thriller
Rudy 1993
Arizona Dream Grace Stalker 1993 0, Biography, 0
Watch It Brenda 1993 Comedy
Household Saints 1993 Drama
Short Cuts 1993 Comedy, Drama
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle Edna Ferber 1994
Prêt-à-Porter Fiona Ulrich 1994 Comedy, Drama
Four Rooms 1995 Comedy, 0, 0
The Addiction Kathleen Conklin 1995 Reality Tv
Illtown Micky 1996
I Shot Andy Warhol Valerie Jean Solanas 1996 Crime, Drama
Ransom! Maris Conner 1996 Crime, Thriller
Ransom Maris Conner 1996 Crime, Thriller
Kicked in the Head Happy 1997 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cosas que nunca te dije Ann 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Pecker 1998 Comedy, Drama
The Impostors 1998 Comedy
The Haunting Nell 1999
O.K. Garage Rachel 1999 Comedy, Drama, Crime
High Fidelity Sarah Kendrew 2000 Comedy, Drama, Music
Julie Johnson Julie Johnson 2001
Anne Frank: The Whole Story Miep Gies 2001 Drama
Gaudi Afternoon Ben 2001 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
The Weather Underground 2002
Live from Baghdad 2002 Drama
Factotum Jan 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Notorious Bettie Page 2006 Drama
Si j'étais toi Hannah Marris 2007 Drama, Romance
Starting Out in the Evening Ariel Schiller 2007
The Pier Grace Ross 2011 Drama
Portraits in Dramatic Time Herself 2011
Being Flynn Joy 2012 Drama
Future Weather Ms. Markovi 2012 Drama
The Courier Mrs. Capo 2012 Crime, Action, Thriller
About Cherry Phyllis 2012 Drama
The Conjuring Carolyn Perron 2013 Reality Tv
The Cold Lands Nicole 2013 Drama