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Film title: Lisa
Language: English
Plot: Fourteen year-old Lisa is raised by her unmarried mother Katherine who overprotects her by forbidding her to date until she's sixteen. In despair, Lisa and schoolmate Wendy make up a game that consists of inferring attractive men's phone numbers from their car ID and giving them anonymous calls. Last victim is the handsome Richard, with whom Lisa begins a passionate phone relationship, unaware that he's also a psycho-killer and sex maniac...

Lisa  Series
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Lisa Cast & Crew

Staci Keanan
as Lisa
Cheryl Ladd
as Katherine
D.W. Moffett
as Richard
Tanya Fenmore
as Wendy
Jeffrey Tambor
as Mr. Marks
Edan Gross
as Ralph
Julie Cobb
as Mrs. Marks
Michael Ayr
as Scott
Lisa Moncure
as Sarah
Tom Dugan
as Mr. Adams
John Hawker
as Mr. Howard
Dennis Bowen
as Alison's Boyfriend