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Film title: Listen
Language: English
Plot: Sarah, a San Francisco accountant, moves into a new apartment building to be near her new boyfriend Jake, a writer with a case of writers block. When Jake has trouble with intimacy with Sarah, she escapes by eavesdropping on others people's phone lines and soon suspects that a man's voice on a phone sex line is a serial killer that is killing prostitutes all over the city on a nightly basis. Sarah then enlists the help of her girlfriend/ex-lover, Krista, to find the killer's identity before the killer finds them.

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Listen Cast & Crew

Brooke Langton
as Sarah Ross
Sarah Buxton
as Krista Barron
Gordon Currie
as Jake Taft
Andy Romano
as Det. Sam Steinmann
J.H. Wyman
as Randy Wilkes
Evan Tylor
as Det. Louis Penny
Jeff Burnett
as Erwin Farley
Frank Cassini
as Repairman
Iris Quinn
as Farley's Sister
Sandra P. Grant
as Margaret
Erika Kline
as Bartender
Kim Calderoni
as Peace Woman