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Film title: Little Fish, Strange Pond
Language: English
Plot: Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephen cruise aimlessly through the streets of LA speculating about life, death, divine will and the force of power that predetermines their existence. Mr. Jack attempts to illustrate to his sidekick the delicate and natural forces of the universe. Sweet Stephen's superficial charm and bloodsucking lifestyle sends him and Mr. Jack on a voyage that is relentless, engaging, and darkly hilarious.

Little Fish, Strange Pond Series
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Little Fish, Strange Pond Cast & Crew

Matthew Modine
as Mr. Jack
Callum Blue
as Sweet Stephen
Paul Adelstein
as Philly
Adam Baldwin
as Tommy
Don McManus
as Dennis Rivers
Liza Weil
as Norma
Lisa Brenner
as Juliet
David Ellison
as Romeo
Maree Cheatham
as Elderly Woman
Lee Weaver
as Barney
Benjamin Brown
as Aaron
Nicole Dalton
as Jessica
Joanna Kelly
as Jill