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Film title: Little White Lies
Language: English
Plot: Aspiring politician Mark Lynch (Andrew McFarlane), has it all. His wife Ellie (Mimi Rogers), is smart and attractive; he has a perfect family and a beautiful home. And with friends in high places, nothing it seems can stop Mark making it to the top. Then a stranger arrives in town and tells Ellie that her husband has been having an affair. Lured to a secret location with the promise of more details, Ellie is drugged and falls unconscious, only to wake up later... alone. But it's not long before the stranger reappears - this time with explicit photographs of the two of them in bed and a demand for $1,000,000. In desperation Ellie's only way out is to tell Mark everything, but she is stunned when, threatened by the scandal he turns his back on her. The cops meanwhile want to use her to entrap the blackmailer. Confused, frightened and able to trust no-one, Ellie decides to handle things her way, little realising how much is at stake...

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Little White Lies Cast & Crew

Mimi Rogers
as Ellie
Andrew McFarlane
as Mark Lynch
Nicholas Hope
as Barrett
Linda Cropper
as Tessler
Lisa Patrick
as Isabelle
Nina Henderson
as Nicole
Craig Marriott
as Charlie
Ivanka Sokol
as Helen
Jennifer Congram
as Gaspari
Peter Kent
as Fisk
John Heywood
as Inspector Rosen