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Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman Lloyd Kaufman


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
In Bad Taste 0000
The Final Countdown 1980 0, Sport
Sugar Cookies 1988
Terror Firmer 1999
Tomorrow by Midnight Video Store Manager 2001 Drama, Thriller
All the Love You Cannes! 2002
Cannes Man Himself - Troma Chief 2002 Comedy, Drama
Cravate club A man at the window 2002 Comedy, Drama
Bleed 2002 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Ha-Mangalistim Himself 2003 Drama
LolliLove Father Lloyd 2004 0
Punk Rock Holocaust Satan 2004 Horror, Comedy
Lord of the Undead Billy Bum 2004 Mystery, Horror
Death Plots Professor Necrosis 2005
A Home for the Bullets Uncle Lloydie 2005 Action, Comedy
Nowhere Man Doctor Johnson 2005 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Aconite Lloyd 2005 Horror
Damaged Goods Lloyd 2005 Comedy, Romance
Cutting Room! Linwood Meyerhoffer 2005 Horror
A Dream of Color in Black and White Peter 2005 Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Film Trix Himself 2005 Comedy
Hoodoo for Voodoo Crack Head Charlie 2006 Horror
Dress Rehearsal Adult Film Director 2006 Drama
LovecraCked! The Movie Himself 2006 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Misadventures in Space Lord Admiral Kaufman 2007 Comedy
Uchuujin from Outer Space Master Gai Pan 2007 Comedy
Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon! President Kaufman 2007 Comedy, Horror
Dead Country Lloyd 2008 Horror
Monkfish Lucky Lombardy 2008 Crime
Craig God 2008 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Death of the Reel Himself 2008 Fantasy
The Art of Pain George Romano 2008 Comedy
Stupa-Man News Reporter 2008 Action, Comedy
Horrorween Uncle Lloyd 2008
Reel Zombies Himself 2008 Action, Comedy, Horror
Corpus Kristi Doctor 2008 Comedy
Body in a Dumpster Bishop at Diocese Building 2008 Drama, Horror
George's Intervention Dr. Kaufman 2009 Comedy, Horror
Melvin Charlie Watkins 2009 Comedy, Drama, Horror
Family Property Backwoods Killing Spree Mayor Kaufman 2009 Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Nun of That The Pope 2009 Action
Arkusan Martinsson Cream Cat-Lover 2009 Comedy, Drama
Hillbilly Bob Zombie Troma News Reporter 2009 Horror
Frankenpimp Richard Rammer - The Reporter 2009 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go President Obama 2009 Action, Horror
Bloodstruck Tea Bag 2010 Horror, Thriller
Slime City Massacre Special Disappearance 2010 Action, Horror
Klown Kamp Massacre Vic Vickers 2010 Horror
Defective Man! Captain Orange-Piss' Lawyer 2010 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Killer Hoo-Ha! Driver 2010 Horror
Nightbeasts Park Ranger 2010 Action, Adventure, Drama
The Feed J.D. Woodley 2010 Horror
Diary of Death Tea Bag 2010 Horror, Music
Hello My Name Is Linda Gineilli 2010 Action, Comedy, Romance
Ouvert 24/7 Grard 2010 Comedy, Drama, Horror
Resurrection Projectionist 2010 Horror
Tetherball: The Movie Larry Lewinski 2011 Comedy, Sport
Killed on the Fourth of July Checkout Clerk #12 2011 Horror
Sadomaster Locura General Periodista de CNN 2011 Action, Horror
Ninja Zombies Himself 2011 Horror
Cult Movie The Homo Killer! 2011 Horror
Brutt Grandfather 2011 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Uh-oh Show The Pimp 2011 Comedy, Horror
Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical Farnsworth Critch 2011 Horror
Slaughter Daughter Minister 2012 Horror
Blood Moon Doctor 2012
Father's Day God / Devil 2012 Action, Comedy, Horror
Treasure Chest of Horrors Meatman 2012 Comedy, Horror
I Spill Your Guts Pop 2012 Horror, Thriller
Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer Grampa Abacrombie 2012 Comedy, Horror
Slaughter Tales Crazy Lloyd 2012 Action, Comedy, Horror
Creep Van Disgruntled Car Wash Customer #1 2012 Horror
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Mature Arbie 2012 Comedy, Horror, Musical
Little Big Boy Lloyd 2012 Comedy, Horror
Jon Dennis Sloan 2012 Horror
Young Blood: Evil Intentions News Anchor 2012 Horror
Horror House Joe The Real Estate Agent 2012 Horror
Polypore Mr. Kaufman 2013 Adventure
Sticky Fingers: The Movie! Prisoner #666 2013 Animation, Action, Comedy
Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies Mayor Lloyd Rockland 2013 Horror
Mutantz, Nazis and Zombies Smily Man 2013 Comedy
Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 Herzkauf 2013 Comedy, Horror
Spidarlings Mr. Banner 2013 Comedy, Horror, Musical
House of Forbidden Secrets Grandpa 2013 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Legend of the Red Reaper Llord Lloyd 2013 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Big Ass Spider Himself - Jogger 2013
Enter If You Dare: House on Creepy Lane Part 2 Narrator 2013 Crime, Fantasy, Horror
Survive President of the United States 2013 Horror
Under a Blanket of Blue Principal Allen 2014 Horror
42nd Street Memories: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street Himself 2014 History
Science Team Science Team Elder 2014 Comedy, Horror
Ned Rifle Zach 2014
Noirland The Doctor 2014 Crime, Horror, Mystery
Ten Briggs Phelps 2014 Adventure, Horror, Mystery
Cheeseballs Himself 2014 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Apocalypse Kiss The President 2014
Stick 10 Even More Swag: The United League of Stereotypes Hoffman 2014 Animation
Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2 Lee Harvey Herzkauf 2015 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Chainsaw Maidens Coach 2015 Comedy, Horror
Family Property 2: More Blood Mayor Kaufman 2015 Horror
Banjo Dr. Samuel Weil 2015 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Sucker Mr. Koppleman 2015
Straight Outta Tompkins Coach Shappy 2015 Drama
Toxic Tutu Himself 2015 Horror
Milfs vs. Zombies Melvin Brooks 2015 Comedy, Horror
ABCs of Superheroes TV Anchor 2015 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Scream Machine Introducer 2015 Horror
Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth Jeremiah 2015 Comedy, Horror
Iron Sky the Coming Race Comptroller 2016 Fantasy
A Feast of Man Wolf Sr. 2016 Drama
Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels Terrified man 2016 Horror
Shhhh Jim 2018