Watch Long Time Dead Online

Watch Long Time Dead Online
Film title: Long Time Dead
Rotten Tomatoes: 44%
Language: English
Plot: A group of college students play with an Ouija board in an attempt to connect to the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, the drunken participants actually succeed in contacting a spirit that spells out the words "all die" on the board. Spooked, the students immediately close up the board, bringing the demonic spirit into their world. Soon enough, members of the party begin dying, leaving the rest to figure out how to vanquish the angry spirit.

Long Time Dead Cast & Crew

Joe Absolom
as Rob
Lara Belmont
as Stella
Lukas Haas
as Webster
James Hillier
as Spencer
Alec Newman
as Liam
Mel Raido
as Joe
Tom Bell
as Becker
Michael Feast
as Paul Brennan
Cyril Nri
as Dr. Wilson
Tameka Empson
as Girl student
Peter Gevisser
as Lucy's neighbour
Derek Lea
as Guard
Joel Pitts
as Young Liam