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Film title: Lord of War
Rotten Tomatoes: 84%
Language: English
Plot: As the world's leading arms dealer, Yuri Orlov has embraced his glamorous profession so soundly that it's hard to let it go. But if he wants to dodge the cunning Interpol agent on his trail, he'll &NFi;have&NFi_; to let go.

Lord of War Series
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Lord of War Cast & Crew

Nicolas Cage
as Yuri Orlov
Bridget Moynahan
as Ava Fontaine
Jared Leto
as Vitaly Orlov
Shake Tukhmanyan
as Irina Orlov
Jean-Pierre Nshanian
as Anatoly Orlov
Jared Burke
as Ukrainian Mobster
Eric Uys
as Ukrainian Mobster
David Shumbris
as Ukrainian Mobster
Stewart Morgan
as Ukrainian Mobster
Jasper Lenz
as Gregor
Stephen Gregor
as Eli Kurtzman
Ian Holm
as Simeon Weisz