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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Brooklyn Bridge Jules Berger 1991 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fiddler on the Roof Constable 1971 0, Biography, 0
The Other Side of Midnight 1977 Drama, Romance, Thriller
The Muppets Take Manhattan 1984 Comedy, Family, Musical
Death of a Salesman 1985 Drama
Walls of Glass Lerner 1985 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cheap Shots Louie Constantine 1988 Comedy
Missing Pieces Ochenko 1992 Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Commandments Rudy Warner 1997
A Fish in the Bathtub Morris 1999 Comedy
A Hole in One Sammy 2004 Comedy
Running Funny Stan 2007 Drama
Detachment Grampa 2012 Drama
Run It Angelo 2013 Crime, Drama
Outliving Emily Tim 2015 Drama