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Place of Birth: the youngest of three boys, was born in South Ric
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Wiki Biography: Lucius Baston, the youngest of three boys, was born in South Richmond Hill Queens, NY to parents Lucius Baston, Sr., an Army veteran, turned transportation (train) conductor, and mother Veronica Albury. He now lives in Tampa, Florida. Lucius played high school basketball, and was an 11-year-old disk jockey (DJ), in the early days of Hip-Hop. (1980s) Following grade school, he enlisted to the United States Air Force, where he was active for 11 years. After his service in the military, and a stint working in electronics, his love for music and passion for show business would lead him to fun times in radio broadcasting; First, co-hosting with friends on WMNF 88.5 FM. Next, as guest DJ on the live mix show, Tampa Bay, AM 1150 WTMP "The Street Party" and finally the producer for the "Love Train" for the same station. His dedication to acting was cultivated when a friend, showed him a set of head shots and said she wanted to be an actress. "That hit me like a lightning bolt.", Lucius said. Lucius set out to pursue acting; asked around a bit, and it wasn't long before a photographer referred him to the Performers Studio Workshop. He studied there for four years, while aggressively building an impressive body of work and the rest is show biz history. Watch this actor: Lucius Baston is an extraordinarily talented, and busy entertainer with great ambitions. He is one to follow.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
RoboDoc Kevin 2009 Comedy
The Adventure Scouts Piranha 2010 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Cassadaga Officer Hall 2012 Horror, Thriller
Jessabelle Mr. Woods 2014 Game Show
The Breaking Point Tone 2014 Action, Drama
Frank vs. God Guard 2014 0, Biography
Breaking Point Tone 2014 Action, Drama
The Last Punch Mr. Nottage 2014 Drama
N.O.L.A Circus Woody 2015 Comedy