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Birthday: 1976-04-16
Place of Birth: West Hollywood, Los Angeles
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) Mini Biography At t
Wiki Biography: At the age of five Lukas Haas was discovered in his kindergarten class by casting director Marjorie Simkin. His first film role was that of the youngest of the doomed children in Testament (1983). In 1985 he gained notice when he starred as Samuel, the little Amish boy who witnesses a murder in Witness (1985). He was nominated for an Emmy in the made-for-TV movie The Ryan White Story (1989) (TV). By his teenage years, he appeared with Jessica Lange in Music Box (1989) and Steve Martin in Leap of Faith (1992). On Broadway, Lukas starred with Martin and Robin Williams in "Waiting for Godot".

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Lukas Haas Lukas Haas Lukas Haas Lukas Haas Lukas Haas Lukas Haas


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Witness Samuel Drama
Leap of Faith 2002 - 2002 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Testament 1983 0
The Witness Samuel 1985
Witness Samuel 1985 Comedy, 0, Biography
Solarbabies: 1986 Action, Drama, Sci Fi
Lady in White Frankie Scarlatti 1988 Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Music Box 1989
Red Riding Hood 1989 0, 0
See You in the Morning Petey Goodwin 1989 Drama, Romance
The Wizard of Loneliness Wendall 1990 Drama
Rambling Rose 1991 Drama
Convicts Horace Robedaux 1991 Drama
Alan & Naomi Alan Silverman 1992 0
Leap of Faith 1992 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Boys 1996 Mystery, Drama, Romance
Mars Attacks! Richie Norris 1996 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Johns 1997 Drama
The Last Days Luke 1998
Running Free Narrator 1999 0, 0
Breakfast of Champions George 'Bunny' Hoover 1999 Comedy
Long Time Dead Webster 2002 Horror, Thriller
Lathe of Heaven George Orr 2002 Sci Fi
Bookies Casey 2003 0
Barry Dingle Matt Huggins 2005
Last Days Luke 2005
Brick The Pin 2006 Mystery, Thriller
Who Loves the Sun 2006
Swedish Auto Carter 2006 Drama
The Darwin Awards Farley 2006 Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Material Girls Henry Baines 2006
Gardener of Eden 2007
The Tripper 2007
The Cradle Frank 2007 Horror, Thriller
Death in Love 2008 0, Biography
While She Was Out 2008 0, 0, Reality Tv, Game Show
Inception Nash 2010 0
Crazy Eyes Zach 2012 0, 0
Contraband 2012 Action, Crime, Drama
Meth Head Kyle 2013
Jobs Daniel Kottke 2013 0
Pawn Shop Chronicles Vernon 2013 Action, Comedy
Dark Was the Night Donny Saunders 2015 Sport, Game Show
Worthy Breck 2015 Comedy, Drama