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Film title: Mélyen örzött titkok
Language: Hungarian, English
Plot: Irma Varró is 18 years old and leaves an orphanage. All she knows about her past is that she was a foundling. She knows only a few sure, hard facts about her life. She is pregnant. She has just got the first opportunity in her life: a job as a cleaning woman. And she has arranged the "best deal" of her life: she will get money for her child from a woman who is an intermediary for mothers-to-be like her. But who is she? Who was her mother? She begins searching for her mother she has never seen, because she wants to pay her back for the grievances she has suffered. During her investigation Irma finds out that nothing is true of what she knew. She is not who she believed herself to be. Mystery and secrets cover everything.

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Mélyen örzött titkok Cast & Crew

Eszter Bagaméri
as Kisirma
Dezsö Garas
as Dr. Márton
Ervin Nagy
as Józsi
Zsolt Deréki
as Geoffrey
David Mendelsohn
as John Gordon
Roswitha Soukup
as Headmaster
Edmund Jäger
as Mayor