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Film title: Macbeth: The Comedy
Language: English
Plot: Take one power hungry lesbian couple. Throw in a slow-witted king, a Caribbean sidekick, a trio of flamboyantly gay weird sisters, and a host of other misfits. And what do you have? Macbeth ! Drawing on the tradition of Monty Python and BlackAdder, Macbeth-The Comedy takes us back to a time when men were not necessarily men and ruthless tyrants could also be strict vegetarians.

Macbeth: The Comedy Series
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Macbeth: The Comedy Cast & Crew

Erika Burke Rossa
as Macbeth
Juliet Furness
as Lady Macbeth
Ted deChatelet
as Macduff
Phillip Christian
as Scary Sister
Christopher Briggs
as Southern Sister
Michael Colby Jones
as Sassy Sister
John Little
as Duncan
Hugh Kelly
as Malcolm
Gerald Downey
as Donalbain
David Huber
as Lennox
Gary Brownlee
as Kilmarnock
Matt Daniels
as Bloody Captain