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Film title: Mack the Knife
Language: English
Plot: In the 19th century London, a young girl falls for a famous womanizing criminal and they decide to get married. Her family strongly disapproves so her father "the king of thieves" gets the gangster arrested.

Mack the Knife  Series
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Mack the Knife Cast & Crew

Raul Julia
as MacHeath
Richard Harris
as Mr. Peachum
Julia Migenes
as Jenny Diver
Roger Daltrey
as Street Singer
Julie Walters
as Mrs. Peachum
Rachel Robertson
as Polly Peachum
Clive Revill
as Money Matthew
Bill Nighy
as Tiger Brown
Erin Donovan
as Lucy Brown
Elizabeth Seal
as Molly
Miranda Garrison
as Esmeralda
Mark Northover
as Jimmy Jewels