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Film title: Maggie Marvel
Language: English
Plot: About a single Mom who moonlights as a contract killer. Maggie Marvel must balance career and family, murder and math homework. She is pushed into this dangerous world... only to find out she is very good at it.

Maggie Marvel Series
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Maggie Marvel Cast & Crew

Selene Beretta
as Maggie Marvel
Diana Brennan
as Samantha Marvel
Katherine Barron
as Dixie Brown
Dan Brennan
as Bobby Shea
Sabrina Brennan
as Polly Poison
Christopher Douros
as Marvin Shea
Dasha Kittredge
as Cindy Pickles
Eileen Townsend
as Mrs. Livinsky
Lauren Courtney Norman
as Veronica Smith
Allison Lane
as Dr. Shaw
Jeanne Brennan
as Wanda
Nam Holtz
as Mischa