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Film title: Magic Flute Diaries
Language: English
Plot: The Magic Flute's all pervading themes of love and betrayal, reward and retribution, coupled with the encompassing power of Mozart's brilliant score have given rise to a motion picture set during Mozart's 250th birthday celebration year. Young virtuoso singer Tom is cast against his better judgment in the lead role of Tamino in the staging of The Magic Flute in Salzburg. Cast opposite Tom as Pamina, is a mysterious diva from Eastern Europe - a mysterious diva with whom Tom quickly falls in love. Nothing is as it seems and we soon learn that Tom's mysterious love interest is being held against her will in a lavish palace. Famed musicologist Dr. Richard Nagel has been forced to train her in The Magic Flute's arias. Sensing the danger that the diva is in, Dr. Nagel knows he must help her. He must shape her into the most mesmerizing Pamina Salzburg has ever heard. But the diva disappears, jeopardizing the premiere of the production and Tom's world careens out of control. He enters a world of intrigue and danger that is reflected in his on stage role in Mozart's classic fairytale. Tom finds his life and fortunes held hostage, as he is forced into a perilous world in order to save his co-star. It's a world that is exotic, thrilling and beautiful.

Magic Flute Diaries Series
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Magic Flute Diaries Cast & Crew

Warren Christie
as Tom / Tamino
Mireille Asselin
as Masha / Pamina
Rutger Hauer
as Dr. Richard Nagel
Olivier Laquerre
as Papageno
Kelly Campbell
as Sandra / Papagena
Marshall Pynkoski
as Director
Curtis Sullivan
as Sarastro
Erin Windle
as Queen of the Night
Daniel Kash
as Monostatos
Shaun Austin-Olsen
as First Counsellor
Michael Hanrahan
as Second Counsellor
Dragana Varagic
as Orphanage Director
Deanna Dezmari
as Masha's sister
Nicholas Sullivan
as First Angel