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Film title: Magnum Farce
Language: English
Plot: Detective Dick Hardon; lean, mean, street-wise, and socially inept, manages to lose more partners in a week than most lose in a lifetime. With his surly female partner, Detective Birkenstock, he investigates the sniper-shooting of beloved TV Clown and Screen Actors Guild President, Milton "Uncle Spilky" Spilk. Unfortunately, a stop at hot dog stand proves deadlier than its genetically modified ingredients when Blivit the sniper shoots Dick's partner and our hero is left holding the bag - an empty to-go bag.

Magnum Farce Series
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Magnum Farce Cast & Crew

Tom Kenny
as Ozzy
Larry Hankin
as Mayor Culpa - Cookie
Barbara Goodson
as Mrs. Spilk, Various
Sirena Irwin
as Detective Birkenstock
Kyle Hebert
as Blivit, Governor Arnold
Christy Sturza
as Lilly Foote
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Doctor Back
Bill Plympton
as Farmer
Jason Frazier
as Senator Feinjob
Jeff Rector
as Rogue Cop Leader
Michael Sorich
as Uncle Spilky, Various
Mike Vaughn
as Dr. Pavlov, Various
Dan Woren
as Captain Hand
Pepper Jay
as Rib Lady
Kari Irwin
as Aide