Malcolm McDowell Biography

Birthday: 1989-11-30
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Queensland

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Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Sat'day While Sunday Frankie 1967 Drama
Blue Thunder Col. F.E. Cochrane 1984 - 1984 Action
Our Friends in the North Benny Barrett 1996 Drama
Wing Commander Academy Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn 1996 Animation
Pearl Professor Stephen Pynchon 1996 - 1997
Fantasy Island (1998) Mr. Roarke 1998 - 1999
Can of Worms 1999 Comedy
Princess Of Thieves Sheriff of Nottingham 2001 Action
Metalocalypse Vater Orlaag 2006 Animation
Franklin and Bash Stanton Infeld 2011 Comedy
Melissa And Tye Alex 2012 Reality Tv
Caligula Caligula 2013 History
Time After Time H. G. Wells 2017 Adventure
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Cyborg 3: The Recycler 0000
If... Mick Travis 1969 Drama
Figures in a Landscape Ansell 1970
A Clockwork Orange Alex 1971 Sport, 0, 0
O Lucky Man! Michael Arnold Travis 1973 0, 0, 0
Royal Flash Captain Harry Flashman 1975
Aces High Maj. John Gresham 1976
Time After Time H. G. Wells 1979 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Blue Thunder Col. F.E. Cochrane 1983 0, Sport, 0, Game Show
The Compleat Beatles 1984 Documentary, Music
Gulag Englishman 1985
Fist of the North Star Ryuken 1986 Drama, 0, Sport, Game Show
Sunset Alfie Alperin 1988 0, Comedy, 0, Game Show
Mortacci Edmondo 1989
The Caller The Caller 1989 Mystery, Thriller
Class of 1999 1990 Sport, Game Show, Reality Tv
Moon 44 Major Lee 1990 Action, Sci Fi, Thriller
Schweitzer Albert Schweitzer 1990 Action, Adventure, Drama
Buy & Cell Warden Tennant 1990 Comedy
Maggio musicale Pier Francesco Ferraioli 1990
In the Eye of the Snake Prof. Baldwin 1990 Thriller
Jezebel's Kiss Benjamin J. Faberson 1990 Drama, Thriller
Disturbed Dr. Derrick Russell 1990 Horror, Thriller
Il maestro Walter Goldberg 1992 Music
Vent d'est General Smyslovsky 1993 Drama
Chain of Desire Hubert Bailey 1993 Drama, Romance
Bopha! De Villiers 1993 Drama
Tsareubiytsa Timofeyev / Yurovsky 1993 Drama, History
Milk Money Waltzer 1994 0
Star Trek: Generations 1994 Action, Mystery, Sci Fi
Tank Girl Kesslee 1995 0, Sport, 0
Dangerous Indiscretion Roger Everett 1995 Drama, Thriller
The Surgeon Dr. Stein 1995 Horror, Thriller
Where Truth Lies Dr. Vernon Renquist 1996 Game Show
The Little Riders 1996 Drama
Night Train to Venice 1996 Mystery, Thriller
Asylum Sullivan Rane / Doc 1997 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Kids of the Round Table Merlin 1997 Adventure, Comedy, Family
2103: The Deadly Wake Captain Sean Murdoch 1997
Hugo Pool Henry Dugay 1997 Comedy, Romance
Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy 1998
Fatal Pursuit Bechtel 1998 Drama
Can Of Worms 1999 Comedy, Family, Sci Fi
Love Lies Bleeding Malcolm Mead 1999 Drama
My Life So Far Uncle Morris MacIntosh 1999 Comedy, Drama
Southern Cross Felipe Solano 1999 Action, Drama, Thriller
Y2K Seward 2000 Action, Thriller
Gangster No. 1 Gangster 55 2000 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Barber Dexter Miles 2001
The Void Thomas Abernathy 2001 0, Game Show
Princess of Thieves Sheriff of Nottingham 2001 Action, Adventure
Just Visiting Wizard 2001 Comedy, Fantasy
The First 9 1/2 Weeks Francois Dubois 2001 Drama, Thriller
Firestarter 2: Rekindled John Rainbird 2002 Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller
Beings Ian 2002 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Between Strangers Alan Baxter 2002 Drama
I Spy Gundars 2002 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Tempo Walter Shrenger 2003 Romance, Crime, Thriller
Dorian Henry 2004 Horror, Thriller
Evilenko Andrej Romanovic Evilenko 2004 Crime, Horror, Thriller
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius O.B. Keeler 2004 Drama, Romance
Tempesta Paul Valenzin 2004 Thriller, Drama
The Company Alberto Antonelli 2004 Drama, Music, Romance
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Boad 2004
Pinocchio 3000 Scamboli 2004 Animation, Family, Sci Fi
Rag Tale 2005 0, Biography
Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone Ogthar 2005 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Zerkalnie voyni: Otrazhenie pervoye Murdock 2005 Action, Crime, Drama
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb 2006
O Lucky Malcolm! Himself 2006 Biography
The List Desmond Larochette 2007 Thriller
Exitz Percy 2007 Thriller
Halloween Dr. Samuel Loomis 2007 Horror
Bolt Dr. Calico 2008 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Halloween II Dr. Samuel Loomis 2009 Horror
Pound of Flesh Professor Noah Melville 2010 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Barry Munday Mr. Farley 2010 Comedy, Romance
Easy A Principal Gibbons 2010 Comedy, Romance
Golf in the Kingdom Julian Lange 2011
Suck Eddie Van Helsing 2011 Comedy, Horror, Music
L.A., I Hate You Harold Weintraub 2011 Action, Drama, Horror
Suing the Devil Satan 2011 Comedy, Drama
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Leonard 2012 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Excision Mr. Cooper 2012 Comedy, Drama, Horror
Antiviral Dr. Abendroth 2012 Horror, Thriller
Silent Night Sheriff Cooper 2012 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Zombex Dr. Soulis 2013 Reality Tv, Game Show
The Employer The Employer 2013
Richard: The Lionheart King Henry II 2013 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Sanitarium Dr. Stenson 2013 Thriller
A Green Story Barton 2013 Biography
Wizardream The Wizard Mangodor 2014
Artists Die Best in Black McGowen 2014 Mystery
Tbilisi, I Love You Malcolm 2014 Drama
Mischief Night Mr. Smiles 2014 Horror
Shock Value Edmund Dean Huntley 2014 Comedy, Horror
Risk for Honor Leonard Thompson 2014 Action, Thriller
Diamond in the Dust Grandpa Jack 2015 Drama, Family
Bereave Garvey 2015 Drama
Butterfly Love Omar 2015 Drama
Grow House Dr. Doobie 2015 Comedy
The Black Hole Mr. Simms 2015 Thriller
31 Father Murder 2016 Reality Tv
The Gardener Ben Carter 2017
Yamasong: March of the Hollows Lord Geer 2017 Drama
Walk of Fame Evan Polus 2017