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Film title: Malev
Language: Estonian
Plot: Year 1208. The first Eastward enlargement of Europe is under way. Brutal forces of the Teutonic Order are steadily marching on. In their path live a simple and peaceful people, whose main pastimes include cultivating the earth, singing and, if possible, doing both at the same time. They are the Estonians. Ignorant in the ways of war, they find an unlikely leader in a young boy with Catholic upbringing. In their fight for freedom, the Estonians encounter numerous obstacles, including the Germans, French, Russians and, worst of all, the Latvians. Will they succeed in defeating their enemies or will they experience a cultural awakening?

Malev Series
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Malev Cast & Crew

Ott Sepp
as Uru
Mirtel Pohla
as Ilge
Uku Uusberg
as Tugis
Argo Aadli
as Leholas
Üllar Saaremäe
as Mentor Wolfram
Mait Malmsten
as Brother Wismuth
Ain Mäeots
as Lembitu
Märt Avandi
as Jurmala's bailiff Hippolyt
Raivo E. Tamm
as Bishop Albert
Anti Kobin
as Manivalde
Sergo Vares
as Henry of Livonia
Dajan Ahmet
as Chingis-Khan
Jim Ashilevi
as Kaupo
Anton Klink
as Soldier