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Film title: Malorie's Final Score
Language: English
Plot: A brilliant but artistically stuck composition student starts visiting high-end escort clients throughout New York City after failing to obtain her PhD scholarship. Absurdly out of place at first, morally pink Malorie is suddenly struck with unexpected musical experiences during her encounters and feels the urge to turn those perceptions into music. Recognizing her previous writing as rigid and boring, she decides to throw out her already finished thesis score and build her new one around her adventures, turning the unsuspecting men into her collective muse. In need of ever new experiences to finish her score within the 3 remaining weeks, Malorie for the first time feels in complete touch with her inner creative forces... or could she be simply on the verge of becoming insane? For nobody can explain her radical transformation and only her final performance can possibly tell the whole story -- if she can finish on time.

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Malorie's Final Score Cast & Crew

Heather Matarazzo
as Gallery Owner
Christian Campbell
as Client 1
Lulu Wilson
as Victoria
John Rothman
as Dean
Meg Gibson
as Miranda
Joslyn Jensen
as Malorie Gilman
Ryan Metcalf
as Arthur
Robert Kabakoff
as Client 6
Kara Vedder
as Beautiful Stranger
E.J. Carroll
as Vice Branch Manager
Francine Berman
as Client #9