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Film title: Man Dancin'
Language: English
Plot: After serving a jail term, tough Jimmy Kerrigan returns to his derelict Belfast quarter, wanting a better, legal life for himself and his loved-ones. Not easy, as brother Terry is addicted and their ma gravely ill. Lenient parole terms leave him in charge of unorthodox Father Gabriel Flynn, who recruits him for the parish passion play, which he modernizes into an attack on crime and corruption. Drug baron Donnie McGlone, in league with the local police chief, wants everything back to normal, whatever it takes.

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Man Dancin' Cast & Crew

Alex Ferns
as Jimmy Kerrigan
Tom Georgeson
as Father Gabriel Flynn
Kenneth Cranham
as D.I. Pancho Villers
James Cosmo
as Donnie McGlone
Gerald Lepkowski
as Lenny Quinn
Ron Donachie
as Billy Maddison
Cas Harkins
as Terry Kerrigan
Tam White
as Johnny Bus-Stop
Sarah Finch
as Elizabeth Black
James Bryce
as Sebastian
Alan Carrick
as Gordon Dole
Helen Howarth
as Old Lady