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Film title: Man with a Gun
Language: English
Plot: Take a walk on the dark side with hired gun John Hardin. When Hardin's boss, powerful mobster Jack Rushton puts a contract out on his scheming and sexy wife Rena, Hardin confronts an assassin's worst fear-having to kill his own lover. Rena is counting on having Hardin kill her twin sister instead, but she didn't count on Hardin having a conscience. And when he refuses to murder an innocent woman, he finds himself trapped between lust and loyalty in a deadly game of blackmail, betrayal and brutality.

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Man with a Gun Cast & Crew

Michael Madsen
as John Wilbur Hardin
Jennifer Tilly
as Rena Rushton / Kathy Payne
Gary Busey
as Jack Rushton
Robert Loggia
as Philip Marquand
Ian Tracey
as Roy Burchill
Bill Cobbs
as Henry Griggs
Bill Dow
as Ed Quigley
Jason Schombing
as Eli Spindel
Andrew Guy
as Italian Stud
Aleksandra Kosanovic
as Ticket Agent
Mina E. Mina
as Max Appleman
Bill Finck
as Conductor
Aieisha Li
as Young Girl
Garvin Cross
as Wise Guy
Sonny Surowiec
as Lithe Thug